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15 May 2015
Support during exams
Stressed out by upcoming exams or overwhelmed by revision? No Limits can help you! ChildLine report increase in exam stressAs reported in The Guardian yesterday, ChildLine received record...
18 March 2015
National Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day
 Today is National Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day. We have a few top tips on how to spot someone who may be experiencing child sexual exploitation:  Are there any changes in the...
16 March 2015
Universal Credit rolled out in Southampton
Universal Credit is being introduced in Southampton from today.It will be introduced gradually across the country as part of the government’s welfare reform changes.It will only affect a few people...
16 March 2015
No Limits will be working in partnership with the Solent NHS Trust to provide a Public Health Nursing service to 5-19 year olds
From April 1st 2015, a team of school nurses, support team members and staff from No Limits will support children and young people in Southampton throughout their time at school and college to help...