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Making a Difference: Abbie's Story

30 July 2015
Abbie’s Story: 20 year old Abbie* had originally attempted to come to a No Limits drop-in centre but found herself too anxious and nervous to ever physically step into the building. One of our youth workers saw Abbie hovering outside the No Limits building and went to sit with her. After 5 minutes of sitting outside Abbie decided to come into No Limits where she could talk through how for the majority of her life she had always identified herself as a female in a male’s body. Abbie said she had always dreamed of being a girl and how the frustration of gender dysphoria had led her to cut...
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Helping Young People 'To Make their House a Home'

22 July 2015
No Limits Floating Support Service is now looking to find keen volunteers who have practical homemaking skills to assist young people with small or medium projects around their homes. Many young people who have moved in to their own flat or house do not have the skills or experience to add a homely touch, and therefore remain feeling unsettled as a result. As a Homemaker you will offer support in cooking on a budget, shopping on a budget, cleaning, painting, adding small furnishings or helping complete small DIY projects. We would also be interested in putting on a weekly cooking group...
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My experience as an intern at No Limits

22 July 2015
My name is Florian and I come all the way from the North East of France. I have just spent my last two months working as an intern at No Limits and it was a great experience. I had to do an internship in a foreign country as part of my studies and I decided to choose No Limits because I wanted to gain some skills in oral and written English, but also because working in a charity was the opportunity to work in a friendly environment. It is always difficult to integrate in a foreign country but I received a very nice welcome by all the team so it made me feel more confident. Richard, my tutor...
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Debt and its consequences. How we help young people in debt

15 July 2015
There are currently nine million people who are in serious debt in the United Kingdom. The future looks dark: the average British household will have on average a £10,000 debt by the end of 2016 (£9,000 in 2014). Debt affects our lives in different ways. It can have an impact on our work, our relationships and our health. According to a PwC survey, 51% of people in employment who are struggling with debt declared their work performance was suffering and 56% worrying about debt was affecting their relationships. Of these, more than 1 in 2 (57%) said debt was causing problems with their partner...
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We're moving! New City drop in centre

10 July 2015
There are big changes coming up at No Limits, as we are moving out of our current City drop-in centre on Bernard Street. The building is due to be demolished so that the site can be redeveloped. We are excited to be moving to a new, central location on Southampton High Street, just a few minutes' walk from the current centre. The new High Street drop-in centre will have all of the facilities that we currently provide at Bernard Street, including: drop in support and advice on any issues that are affecting children and young people access to the No Limits counselling service Work Club sexual...
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Are You a Young Person in Debt? We Can Help

8 July 2015
Through this case study, you will learn a little bit more about the work of our youth workers. A few months ago, we welcomed in our drop-in a young woman named Karen (anonymous name), who was struggling with debts and had mental health issues. She felt like she needed to talk to someone so she came to one of our drop-ins and started to talk to one of our Youth Workers. Karen explained her situation: she worked far from home and her work was becoming unbearable for her mental health. She lived at her mum’s home in an overcrowded house, she slept on a couch so she wanted advice about housing...
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Ex Saints Association support for new City Centre Drop In

1 July 2015
With the current No Limits drop-in centre on Bernard Street set to be demolished and redeveloped this year, No Limits has secured a lease on a new drop-in centre in Southampton, 13 The High Street, Southampton, which used to be Oceans.The new drop in centre should be ready for use by the 3 rd August. Michael Thew, Ex Saints Association Chairman said ‘We are delighted to be associated with No Limits, particularly in the role of Patron. We are keen to support such a great charity that provides information, advice and counselling for some of Southampton’s most deprived and vulnerable young...
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Latest news from our City drop-in

26 June 2015
It's been a busy few weeks at our City drop-in centre - here's what the team have been up to...
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A Bright Beginning

18 June 2015
Bright Beginnings is a project within No Limits which helps vulnerable young parents (17 to 25 years old) to improve all aspects of their health and the health of their baby. We received a phone call from social services asking if a Bright Beginnings worker could attend a discharge meeting. A Bright Beginnings worker attended the meeting to find that Jo, a young mother of a three day old baby, was homeless with no family supporting her. Having been housed, we arranged for Jo to receive weekly support from a befriender to ensure that she could receive support with her health, parenting and her...
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A Day in the Life of Vicki Seekings

16 June 2015
Vicki Seekings is one of our indispensable workers at No Limits. Here is her explanation of what she does at the heart of our organisation, why her role is important and why she loves her job.